Ohio runner stops in state final to aid fallen opponent

On Saturday, West Liberty-Salem (Ohio) High junior Meghan Vogel won a state title. Incredibly, that might not even be what she or anyone else remembers most about her day at the Ohio Division III track and field state meet, because she later committed one of the most selfless acts of the year on the track: She stopped running the 3,200-meter final to help along a foe who had collapsed just 20 feet from the finish line.

"I was kind of blacking out," McMath told the Daily News. "I wasn't too aware of my surroundings. I was just trying to keep going. When my body gave out, she was there. It was amazing.

"I just told her, 'Thank you.' I just couldn't believe she'd done that for me. We're all in it together as distance runners. Everyone is trying to do their best. It's a lot harder on your body than a lot of the other races. We just try to help each other."

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